Topsail Beach (taken by me)

Topsail Island, North Carolina.  This year our annual gathering of friends is in Topsail Island, NC.  Topsail Island located about 20 minutes drive north of Wilmington, NC. It provides a beautiful view of the sunrise and ocean front staying.  This year we decided to rent an ocean front house for a whole week to relax and chill with all the brothers from a different mother.  We had so much fun, chilling, relaxing, eating, drinking and the best of all is laughing and enjoying each others.  We all got a pretty good tan.

Our lives are always busier and more responsibilities as we get older but friends will always be there and will always be a part of each other live.  People come and go but good friends will stay and be a part of you.  And thank God, I have such wonderful friends that that we have been thru ups and downs and yet we always stick together and enjoy each other company.  Nothing is better than just a few good friends sitting at the beach with a bottle of tequila.

Sunrise over Topsail beach

This is a yearly get together at the beach, hopefully the tradition will continue when we all have family and kids.  By that time, we can take a long the wife and the kids to get them hang out and enjoying the beach.

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