I love to write, to put memories into words, to paint moments with adjectives.  When old age gets to me, I still have something to reminiscence, to cherish the life I had lived.  Every moments in life, every experiences whether good or bad, insignificant or not; they are a part of me, a part of being a human and the process of growing as a whole person physically, mentally and spiritually.  Without these moments and experiences, I cannot comprehend the joy and the sadness, the feeling of hope and despair, and the longing for home and family.  Writings help keeping these moments and experiences alive when memories are fading, and past moments are falling aside.

Writings allow me to express my inner thoughts, to relive the past through words and  phases describing the people I met, the places I went, the feelings I had, and the things I experienced.  Neither big nor small, they are forever a part of me.  Every person came to my life, whether stay or leave, love or hate; they left something behind to learn, to love and to appreciate the time we shared.  Every places I went, whether a few hours or a few days;  they remind me of where I came, where I lived, and where I am going.  Every feelings I had, whether happy or sad; they remind me that I am a human with feelings and spirits.  Every things I experienced, whether good or bad; they are something to learn, to live, and to treasure every seconds.  Writings bring out the faces from become blank, the places from become empty, the feelings from become motionless, and the experiences from become meaningless.

Writings are a reflection of my life, my struggles, and my hopes and dreams.  They allow me to sit down and to reflect my own life, my own struggles; and from the struggles give rise to hopes and dreams.  It is a moment of silence to reflect, to appreciate, and to ponder – a reflection of what I have done and learned, a appreciation of what I have and the people around me, and a pondering of hopes and dreams for tomorrow.  Even though, life is hard and unexpected; in a second it can take away of what I have.  Yet, I am indebted to life; life gives me the reason to live, to explore, and to hope.  And I am damned lucky!

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