It’s already mid September, more than 2/3 of 2018 has passed.  This year has gone by so fast that I am not sure what has happened.  Time is not waiting nor is stand still; it is the only constant in life.

Lately, I’ve been listening to Frédéric Chopin.  I listened to Chopin before but not in depth as now.  One of my goal from now till the end of the year is to listen to most, if not all, Chopin music.  I have a few Chopin favorites but I want to listen to others less famous, less well-known or unknown to me.

I’ve always love Chopin music.  It’s such a beautiful music.  It’s very romantic, very poetic.  It’s like a gentle wave crashing against the coastline on an autumn night with the shadow of the moonlight.  It is reminiscent of the lost time, an innocent soul when everything is simple.

There are other goals (dreams) that I am still working on.  Some are big, some are small yet they are a part of me, of what I want for this life.  I am constantly working to improve, to better, and hopefully, to learn from many mistakes.