Khi tôi có nhà là nhiều chuyện phải làm cuối tuần.  Và đây là cuối tuần của tôi là trồng lại cỏ.  Thấy vậy mà cũng mất 2 ngày mới làm xong.  Mùa hè nóng quá, cỏ cũng héo và chết theo luôn.  Không biết mỗi năm tốn bao nhiêu tiền về cỏ.  Thôi có bãi cỏ xanh và đẹp cũng vui vui.  Nhân tiện tôi mua luôn mấy bó pine needles cho landscape trước nhà.

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I must confess I am not a morning person.  I hate waking up early – whether it’s weekday or weekend.  However, my goal is to wake up early in the morning to exercise before heading to work.  So far I’ve been doing it for a couple weeks.  It seems I have more energy and more productive than before.  Of course, I also need a good night sleep and eat healthy.  The issue is having energy to be active and to concentrate.  As the cold weather begins to arrive, I am not sure if this goal will last.  I am hoping that I am able to sustain during the cold weather.

Last couple years, I’ve been listening to podcast on business, marketing, mindfulness and ect… but I stopped.  I’d like to listen podcast again, at least one per week.  One of my favorite podcast is NPR: How I Built This With Guy Raz.  It’s basically about “innovators, entrepreneurs, idealists, and the stories behind the movements they built”.  I love to listen on the beginning of ideas, innovation and the back stories on them.  It’s interesting to learn from regular people with dreams and able to build those dreams into reality.