Ha Long Bay, Vietnam (google image)

This is a series of 100 places to visit before I die.  My second place is Vịnh Hạ Long (Ha Long Bay), Vietnam.  It’s in my home country yet I have never gone so I’d like to go before I die.  Vịnh Hạ Long provides a unique into nature craving of stones and caves rising spectacularly from the ocean with vegetation and its own ecosystem.  I’d love to kayak around the stones, exploring the caves and trying fresh grilled seafood.


Here is my list of 100 places to visit before I die.  I don’t know if I can visit all these places but it’s my dream and my hope to do so in this lifetime.  Otherwise, I have to reincarnate as a National Geographic photographer or a freelance writer for a travel magazine.

First in the list, a must place to go for me.  If I die next month, a few places I’d like to visit and this is one of them.  I always have fondness toward this place since my childhood, from literature to art, from music to culture, from food to wine.  And that place is Paris, France!

Autumn in Paris

My itinerary for a week in Paris: The Louvre, Notre Dame Cathedral, The Latin Quarter, Sacre Coeur, Boat Tour on Seine river, Pinic at Luxembourg Gardens, sitting at cafe on the side of the street, and most important thing is wandering and wandering and get loss thru the streets and neighborhoods of Paris