" A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world "

Oscar Wilde


A place of thoughts and reasonings. A place for remembrance and reminiscence. And my journey through life.

As each moment and day passed by, I cherish the time I have and had, the people I've met on the way, and the places I've stopped by. Everything becomes a part of me - and I become a part of them. As I journey through life, I feel lucky that I've had a chance to experience, to explore, and to reflect.

Who Am I?

Student, Web Developer, Technophile, Guitarist, Photographer, Traveler

  • I am a student of life, I believe in learning something new every day both in books and in life.
  • By training and education, I am a web developer.
  • I consider myself a technophile. I love technology and to an extent, technologies improve life.
  • On the side, I play guitar preferably classical and Brazilian style.
  • When the moment is right, I shoot to cherish and to reminisce precious moments in life.
  • I believe in and have great passion in seeing the world, experiencing different cultures, and tasting the sweat of life.

What I Do?

Web Development, Redhat Linux, MySQL, MS SQL Server, ColdFusion, PHP, IT Implementation & Integration, Web 2.0 & Social Network

  • I do web development and programming for a living, using the latest and greatest web programming.
  • I maintain a Redhat Linux server with Apache web server and MySQL as a backend.
  • I run reports and sql statements on MySQL and MS SQL Server as well as creating database designs.
  • I create web applications mostly on ColdFusion and PHP.
  • I implement and integrate third-party solutions and scripts according to business policy.
  • I strategize and enhance Web 2.0 and Social Network solutions.