CFpop introduced to retrieve or delete email messages from a POP mail server.  This tag is useful to pull emails from a pop server for displaying on a webpage or inserting into a database.  One disadvantage is that CFpop doesn’t have SSL connection.  So first, we must generate SSL connection, then use CFpop to connect to the POP mail server

Variables returned:

  • queryname.recordCount
  • queryname.currentRow
  • queryname.columnList
  • queryname.from
  • queryname.messagenumber
  • queryname.messageid
  • queryname.replyto
  • queryname.subject
  • queryname.body
  • queryname.textBody
  • queryname.HTMLBody
  • queryname.header
  • queryname.attachments
  • queryname.attachmentfiles
  • queryname.UID
  • queryname.cids