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Earthquake and Lobster Sandwich

Food Truck

Well, I thought my last meal is a lobster sandwich from one of those food truck.  It’s not bad going out but I am still here, kicking and laughing.  My first earthquake experience and it was 5.8.  I was on top of the third floor building working.  Suddenly, it was shaking little and I thought it was a big truck driving by but then it was shaking more and harder.  Everyone in the office yelled out, earthquake, earthquake.  Earthquakes usually don’t occur in this part of the country but here in Washington DC metro, there is a 5.8 earthquake.  Damn!  Phone is not working, cell is not working yet facebook is working. :).  I guess voice and cell tower are out of service and only data is good.  So lot of facebook status is popping up all over facebook wall.

Lobster sandwich

Today I finally went to the food truck and got me a nice lobster sandwich.  Maybe a sign that I shouldn’t spend that kind of money for lunch. 🙂  Oh well, carpe diem.  2012 is coming?

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