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Firefox 6.0

Officially released yesterday and I am downloading/installing today.  So far nothing crashes or errs and it seems loading faster than previous version.  I like the continuous and fast updates since most updates and patches are out of date soon as they are released.  Got to keep up with the security and bugs!


CFpop introduced to retrieve or delete email messages from a POP mail server.  This tag is useful to pull emails from a pop server for displaying on a webpage or inserting into a database.  One disadvantage is that CFpop doesn’t have SSL connection.  So first, we must generate SSL connection, then use CFpop to connect to the POP mail server

Variables returned:

  • queryname.recordCount
  • queryname.currentRow
  • queryname.columnList
  • queryname.date
  • queryname.from
  • queryname.messagenumber
  • queryname.messageid
  • queryname.replyto
  • queryname.subject
  • queryname.cc
  • queryname.to
  • queryname.body
  • queryname.textBody
  • queryname.HTMLBody
  • queryname.header
  • queryname.attachments
  • queryname.attachmentfiles
  • queryname.UID
  • queryname.cids