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Google Reader

I have been using Google Reader for a week, and so far it’s awesome (love Google even through they use my info to advertise).  All my blogs, news sites, tech reviews that I’ve followed are all in a centralized location.  I don’t have to go to every blogs, every news site to read; they all come to me via RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feeds and all I have to do is subscribe to them.  Every time there is a new article, it pushes to the Google Reader which I can see the summary and if I want to continue to read, I just have to click on the link.  One cool thing is that, it knows which article I have read so it hides those from me.  Also all the feeds coming can be organized according to their subjects and displaying the latest on top.  I highly recommend for anyone who follows a lot of blogs, news sites, tech reviews.  Everything comes to me instead of going out and looking for.